Winstrol presence test

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Winstrol presence test
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Winstrol regular test. You do not need UV light for this test, there is no fluorescence. You simply grind the pill and drop 1 mg and observer the color change. It is just simple color test, pass or fail.

You drop 1 mg of your sample and the color has to be observed at 15 minutes, later the colors will fade out, get darker making it impossible to interpret. Grind your pill into powder. If it is 10 mg tablet then 1/8 is enough, about 1 mg. The test was calibrated to detect small amounts, adding more will affect test results. The timing and the amount of powder is important. The test is very reliable but it requires the sample to be properly dosed. For that reason testing larger pill 25 mg or 50 mg might be difficult without precise scale. If the sample is not properly dosed the results might be misinterpreted. The only advantage of the test is that it does not require UV light like rest of our tests. If you have UV light or want to buy one get the UV test which is better and it is not weight sensitive. Or get something even better winstrol purity test. This is not UV test and 365 nm, UV light is not required.

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The test reagent is corrosive. Use gloves and glasses. There is only 0.1 ml in each vial; this is how much you see on pictures. The origin is synthetic; there is no health and no biological hazard. The test kits are safe to ship worldwide, customs will not stop it.

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