Waters HPLC limited time offer only $4 500 USD plus worldwide shipping.

System comes refurbished with 3 months warrantee included: 996 detector, 626 pump, 600S controller, manual injector, column heater. Computer with interface card extra (you get your own monitor, mouse and keyboard, not included) with Empower 2 and Windows XP, it includes Waters BUS/LACE interface. It is great HPLC for students or somebody who wants to start own lab and learn HPLC. If you are not familiar with Waters HPLC, Empower is a software to control HPLC, collect and process data.

It is one of the most popular basic HPLC systems because of its high quality and performance. It comes with all manuals; parts and service are also available.

  1. Estimated shipping Canada and USA, $350 USD, depending on your location.
  2. Estimated shipping worldwide $450 USD, depending on your location..

You can test anything you want after you calibrate it and set it up. It is not some machine that you plug it in and it starts testing right away but complicated scientific instrument. You have to learn it and understand it. People go to college or take some courses to learn HPLC. Please do not email LabMax asking what it is but instead do google search for HPLC to learn it. On the top of this you still have 1000 page manual to learn the software and the equipment. Manuals which come with the system cover everything, you need to read it. LabMax will not spend countless hours to guide you step by step. Look for material and videos on YouTube about HPLC, I will not spend time emailing back explaining what HPLC is.

The price does not include training and setting it up for customer. It is complete system but it has to be setup and calibrated for specific application. This is always done by end user, whatever you want to test.

I am getting a lot of request from people who do not have clue about HPLC and want some machine to test something. Do internet search there is a lot of material about HPLC and this particular equipment. I will not spend countless hours responding to countless emails explaining HPLC. Consumables like glassware, solvent bottles, solvents, injection syringe, HPLC column you buy separate depending on your specific application.

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