Testosterone propionate purity test

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Testosterone propionate purity test
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This is single Testosterone propionate purity test based on quantitative analysis. It means that there are no colors to compare but you get results exactly how many mg/ml or % (for example reading will look like this 123 mg/ml or % for raw material). There are two parts of the test; it comes with free presence test. Why the presence test, because it saves you the more expensive purity test, if there is no hormone inside. You can still skip the presence test and you can do the purity test only. But if there is no hormone inside you will get results which look exactly like this 0.00 mg/ml or 0.0%. So why waste it if you can prescreen first with the free presence test. It is very precise and very reliable. You still need the 365 nm UV light with the presence test. The UV light is not included for free, you need to buy it separate. There is no UV light required for the purity test. The purity test will also identify and confirm that you have indeed Testosterone propionate. The accuracy of the test is the same as you get from laboratory.

The presence test is very simple to use, click here to see the instruction. The purity test is even simpler to use you get instructions for both tests once you receive the package. The purity test works on different principles than the presence test and it provides very accurate results. The reliability and accuracy of the purity test is the same as you get from laboratory testing and it is very easy to use. You get the test results in very simple and plain format to read. You still need gloves and glasses to handle the test. The test can also identify 10+ known steroids and provide you with information what else you might have in simple and plain format, no colors to read. For example you will know if it is Testosterone propionate or enanthate.

The test reagent is corrosive. Use gloves and glasses. The origin is synthetic; there is no health and no biological hazard. The test kits are safe to ship worldwide, customs will not stop it. The test does not contain any restricted or controlled chemicals/substances.

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