USA Steroids test Kits

There are a few options you can choose when you check out. USPS is the slowest option if you want fast DHL and FedEx is the way to go. USPS is usually 1-2 weeks but we have seen delays too. We do not guarantee delivery dates, we do not control Post Office, DHL or FedEx.

DHL and FedEx can deliver the next business day in USA except to smaller and remote locations which can take extra few days. Not entire USA is covered with 24 hours service, some customers might expect longer delivery.

We ship the next business day. Saturday and Sunday is not a business day, we are closed. Also if it was not shipped the next business day it means it is long weekend, holidays. It will go out the next working day.

Canada Steroids test Kits

Canada Post is a good way to go. For rush delivery Canada Post express is a good option. FedEx express can do a good job too. It takes longer to smaller and remote locations and Canada Post is charging more money. Single test vials are sent by not registered mail in a small envelope, it simplifies and speeds the process. Tracking (register mail) does not speed the delivery, just wait and small envelope with your order will be in your mailbox.

Australia, New Zealand, EU and UK Steroids test Kits

We ship by regular mail in most cases not registered to reduce the shipping cost. But we have also DHL and FedEx available if you want fast. So if you are not sure how to choose the shipping options email us first. If we ship by not registered mail to give you lower price, it means there is no tracking number. If you choose not registered mail do not keep asking us for tracking number late. We cannot track not registered mail.

Mexico Steroids test Kits, Kits de prueba de esteroides de México

Compre kits de prueba de esteroides en México y también realice pruebas de laboratorio para determinar la concentración.

Worldwide, all other countries.

Since registered mail is expensive we give option to send by regular mail. Also DHL and FedEx is available to most countries.

Shipping price

The price varies depending on destination and weight it can be anything from $5 for single test vial by regular air mail and up for bigger orders. During checkout process you will be presented with a few options.

Damaged goods

Please note if you order single vials with the cheapest shipping option it is packed in a small envelope it does not provide too much protection . You pay the cheapest shipping price and we can offer the cheapest shipping option only . Please choose any higher shipping option like expedited then we can pack in more durable box. If any damage happens please provide pictures. We will reship.


If order is lost, not received it will be reshipped. There is no refund on lost or not received order, we will send replacement. When you place order you agree with these conditions. If you change your mind you can still cancel for full refund before the order is shipped if you do not agree. You also receive confirmation email after placing the order reminding you to agree with the conditions.


On very rare occasion customs will hold the package for a routine inspection, there is no reason to be concerned. Steroids test kit is not on the list of restricted goods. It does not contain any controlled or restricted substances. We have noticed that it can take them anything between 1-2 weeks or even longer to release package. There is nothing we can do, we can call, complain and there is no response, you have to wait nothing else can be done to speed this up. It simply sits on the bottom of some container and they are not in rush to let it go. But everything else is moving fast. The delivery might also take a longer time if you are in remote area or place with reduced traffic.

By placing order you understand that LabMax is not responsible for delays. It is beyond LabMax control how goods are delivered by couriers.

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