The cheapest way is to prescreen with our presence tests. If you want more information like concentration of active ingredient you can use our quantitative (purity) tests. The quantitative test gives you the same accuracy you get from the lab.

Using the quantitative test without prescreening first is not the best solution because you will waste the test if there is no active ingredient inside. This is why we include for free one presence test.

Combining our cheap presence tests with quantitative test is the best option if you have more testing. If you buy our power pack which comes with 40 test vials, it will cost you less than $5 per test vial. A lot of people have had too many expectations from $5 test. $5 test will not print you detailed report but it will show presence only. The presence test works exactly as described in instruction. Different steroids will produce different fluorescence under UV light and you know that the sample contains hormone. If you want somebody to tell you exactly what it is and the concentration, we do have solution too but it cannot be done for $5, the price is higher.

Both tests are very easy to use. The presence test is based on reading color. The test reagent will react with hormone and produce fluorescence under UV light. No fluorescence means fake product, no hormone inside. There will be different colors which allow distinguishing which hormone you have. The quantitative test is also very simple to use but more expensive to make. The quantitative test is based on different principles to provide results; there are no colors to read. It will identify the hormone and provide you with concentration of the active ingredient. You will know exactly how many mg/ml, mg/pill or % for raw material.

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