Anavar and Winstrol regular presence test

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Anavar regular presence test
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This is single regular anavar presence test. You do not need UV light with it. You can recognize it by yellow test reagent inside. Though it is a good reliable test but you need to measure exactly 1 mg of the pill to use with the test. For example you need to cut 10 mg pill, use 1/10 of the pill, grind it and drop into the test tube.

We also have anavar winstrol UV test (which requires 365 nm UV light) which is easier to handle you do not need to measure precisely the sample. Also the color coding with UV test is easier to interpret. See online instructions for both of the tests.

Click here to see how to use regular anavar presence test.

You add only about 1 mg of powder. The color has to be observed at 15 minutes. The timing and the amount of powder is important. The regular test is good for small 10 mg pills, because it is easy to cut it into 8 pieces, 1.25 grams each, close to required 1 mg for the test. The regular test is weight sensitive but it is reliable if the sample is properly dosed. But the only advantage is that it does not require UV light. But if you are testing bigger pills, raw powder you are better off with our UV test which is not weight sensitive but the UV test requires 365 UV light. If you have UV light or want to buy one get the UV test which is superior in many ways and it is easier to handle. The UV test has better color resolution and the results are easier to read while if you are not careful with the regular test the results are easy to misinterpret if the sample is not properly dosed. Also regular test does not work with liquid form or if the pill contains vitamins or proteins as filler. UV test eliminates this problem.

Click here to see how to use this test.

The test reagent is corrosive. Use gloves and glasses. There is only 0.1 ml in each vial; this is how much you see on pictures. The origin is synthetic; there is no health and no biological hazard. The test kits are safe to ship worldwide, customs will not stop it. The test does not contain any restricted or controlled chemicals/substances.

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