We see from time to time that transaction was declined. There are a few reasons why the bank is blocking the transaction.

  1. The billing address is mistyped. If you entered 2 times incorrectly you will be automatically blocked for 2 hours. It does not matter if you typed right 3rd time you are still blocked for 2 hours. Wait 2 hours before trying again.
  2. Your bank might have filter setup to block orders outside your country. Though we use US banks and presence to process transactions, it still is considered as shopping in Canada. If this is the case you need to call your bank to unblock.
  3. Our bank will only accept and process Visa and MasterCard. If you use for example American Express or any other card it will be declined.

If you keep punching a few times and you are declined each time your bank might put a few times the same amount on hold. You might see a few times the same amount pending on your statement. This is not charge, LabMax does not have the money and LabMax does not hold the money; it will go away after a few days. If this is the case do not call LabMax to complain because we can do nothing about it. You can wait a few days or call your bank; this is your bank doing it not LabMax.

If you placed twice the order and we received the payment then we can refund. We can only see on our bank statements successful payments not declined and pending on your account. We do not know what your bank statement shows.

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