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Credit Card Information

Please note this site does not collect credit card information, they are nowhere to be accessed by anybody. Once you proceed to checkout you are interfaced with bank directly over secure connection (SSL). You can see that SSL Certificate is enabled at our site. The transaction is processed directly by the bank not by labmax. There is a plug-in embedded inside our website to interface with the bank so they can process the transaction. The information is passed only between you and the bank and nobody else. The page and the connection is encrypted by SSL it is impossible for anybody to intercept the information. We never get your credit card number and we never see your credit card number. You are sending the information directly from your browser to the bank over encrypted commutation. It does not pass through the server where labmax site is hosted.

Once transaction is completed we only receive confirmation from the bank, we never get your credit card information. We only have your billing / shipping address and order details. The site software is made by independent company they also provide updates. The site is hosted by independent hosting company which maintains security. We do not have access to the hosting server.

If you have key logger installed hackers can see the information you type in the browser and use your credit card right away. If you suspect something like this format your hard drive, do clean install of your software and your operating system. Have antivirus installed. Hackers are very sophisticated it is very easy to compromise your smart phone, you only need to click on the phishing links you get in emails all the time or download some new application / game containing key logger. Even innocent looking applications might track you and send information to the company which wrote the software as they claim for quality purpose.This is an ongoing problem with apple store, google play and not only.

Unauthorized use of credit card.

If your credit card was used at labmax without your authorization we can investigate and address the situation. You need to provide us with some information like the date and amount charged. However we cannot investigate if your credit card was used at another company. You need to contact the company they will provide you with information who is using it and what the shipping address is. If you are on instant alarm with your bank and you get right away a text message about your credit card use, you can stop it right away by calling your bank and contacting the company where it was used. The most common mistake is to store credit card information inside your browser or any other place in your computer. Hackers can get the information from your computer. Download some new application even if it is from "trusted place", it could be uploaded there by hackers and they will have full access to your personal information.

For this reason we do not store credit cards information but interface with bank for processing. Your credit card information will always stay with bank and it is shared with nobody.