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Please note the lab is not accepting any toxic, restricted, dangerous goods or anything which requires special handling.

We have fully equipped laboratory with production capability to provide various lab analysis and field tests. Our multifaceted laboratories offer a comprehensive array of physical and chemical analyses that can be used to determine presence of drugs, poison, contamination and various substances.

Our quality laboratories can test your raw ingredients and finished products to detect contamination and monitor cleanliness. We can test for residues that can compromise your food's safety to consumers.  This could include foreign contaminants such as glass or plastic, undeclared allergens, mycotoxins, or other residues. 

Quantitative Analysis

Quantitative Analysis will give you a concentration of every quantifiable substance in your sample, as well as a detailed qualitative report on any other substances identified. This way you will know exactly if the substance complies with the specifications you are given.

Qualitative Analysis

Qualitative analysis is very important when you have substances and you want to be certain that it contains what you think it contains. It does not matter whether your substance is solid, powder or liquid. Qualitative Analysis will not provide you will information of concentration, only that the substance is present.


Testing Services:

Various sample testing

If you suspect that your food, supplements contain dangerous substance, we can provide detailed analysis.


If you have been exposed to drugs, poison and other substances please send us sample we can provide full analysis.


We routinely provide scientific diagnostic results for growers to resolve plant health issues on greenhouse vegetables, field crops, and vegetation.


Our soil testing services can help you improve the quality of your soil by detecting and quantifying the presence of fungi, bacteria, and other pathogens.


AFL can help you monitor your water quality to help make certain irrigation water, drainage water, wells, ponds, and other streams are safe.

Foreign Contaminants Identification

We provide identification of a wide variety of food and production contaminants to quickly resolve customer complaints, quality defects, and potential litigation

Residue Testing

We can test for a broad range of residue types in feed and food including mycotoxins, minerals, heavy metals, pesticides, hormones, and veterinary.