Torne-se distribuidor dos kits de teste de esteróides LabMax no Brasil e em Portugal.

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mini test kit, 10 test vials
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mini test kit, 10 test vials

Fast and reliable home steroids test, you can test your pills, raw powders or oils. For express domestic delivery in USA (1-2 business days) choose DHL express. FedEx or Canada Post Express in Canada. Overseas take longer.

Why LabMax ?

Product contains 10 test vials, 5 test vials A and 5 test vials B. Vials A and B are for detecting wide range of steroids, oils, pills and powders. Vials A and B will not detect anavar, winstrol, anadrol, clenbuterol, clomid and nolvadex. For these substances you need to choose specialty test vials.

see list what can be tested with vials A and B

instruction how to use the test kit

If you do not have too many samples to test the mini test kit is for you. But if you are testing more the professional test kit is the best choice. It is very simple to use the test. You drop your sample into test vials, liquid, powder or pill (grinded into powder). You watch the color change under day light compare to the color chart or samples. Then you take 365 nm UV light point at the test vial and see if there is fluorescence. If you get the right color (fluorescence) then it is pass, it contains the right substance. No fluorescence means fake product, no hormone inside. Vials A and B will produce different colors to different steroids, this how you can distinguish which one you have. You get detailed instruction with the test kit. UV light is sold separately, you can choose option with or without UV light.

You can also include handy 6 position vial rack; it is very useful tool to protect the vials from spilling test reagent. The test reagent is corrosive, accidently dropping and breaking the vial might leave permanent stain.

Please note our test kits do not contain any restricted or dangerous chemicals. There is no health or biological hazard.

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mini test
5A+5B vials
4A+4B vials, 1 anavar/winstrol UV test, 1 anadrol/dianabol
4A+4B vials, 2 anavar/winstrol UV tests
4A+4B vials, 2 anadrol/dianabol
10 anadrol/dianabol
10 anavar/winstrol regular test
10 anavar/winstrol UV test
10 anavar/winstrol tests, 5 regular, 5 UV tests
5 anadrol/dianabol, 5 anavar/winstrol UV test
3A+3B vials, 2 anavar/winstrol UV test, 2 anadrol/dianabol
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